Special Language Program

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This program is recommended for all Pre-K and Kinder students who are currently identified as English Learners (EL) and for other newly identified students who come through Kinder Round-up this spring. This program will help ELs with academic language development in both English and Spanish. Any additional questions about the Special Language Program or ESCALA they can call the Bilingual/ESL Department at 210-622-4832.

For bus route information, please use Infofinder or contact the Transportation Department for bus route questions at 210-623-6900.

A student must be eligible for admission to kindergarten or to Grade 1 at the beginning of 2019-2020 and must be an EL student and a parent or guardian must have approved placement of the EL student in the required bilingual or ESL program following procedures described in the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee.

Medio Creek Elementary
June 10-28
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.