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Applying Guidelines

Applicants must submit a completed application (REGARDLESS OF RESUME), transcripts, teaching certificate, and any documentation pertaining to a position.

All applications must be submitted online.
Hardcopy applications will no longer be accepted.

Copies of all credentials can be made at the Southwest Personnel Department for all applicants.

Applying Online:
Any and all applicants may visit Southwest Personnel Department to use available computers for the online application process.

Modify or Change Online Application:
To modify or change your online application: click on the li
nk below, log into your account, and make your changes.

Please note in accordance with the Southwest Independent School District practices, the person chosen for a position must possess the credentials required on or before the first date of employment.

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Job Posting Information

Southwest Independent School District shall not discriminate against any individual with respect to the individual’s race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, military status, genetic information, national origin or any other basis prohibited by law.

Southwest ISD is a tobacco, alcohol and drug-free workplace.

El Districto Escolar Independeiente de Southwest no hara ninguna discriminacion contra ningun individuo con respeto a raza, color, religion, sexo, edad, desabilidad, posicion military, o cualquier otra base del individuo prohibido por ley.
El Districto Independeiente de Southwest es un sitio de empleo libre de tabaco, alcohol, y drogas.

Professional Positions:

Professional positions require a Bachelor’s degree or higher and certification/licensure, although there are a few professional positions that may not require certification/licensure.
Some examples of professional positions are:  Teachers, Directors, Principals, Counselors, Asst. Principals, Social Workers, Nurses, etc.

Teaching positions are accepted year round.  Job posting for teaching positions is listed as “Classroom Teacher”, to apply click here.

Classified/Auxiliary Positions

Classified positions include instructional aides, secretaries, clerks, certain technicians, specialists, and supervisors.  All of these positions require a high school diploma or GED or an Associates degree.  Instructional aides must meet the “No Child Left Behind” requirements which are:
Associate’s degree from an accredited college/university  OR
48 hours of college coursework from an accredited college/university OR
Passed a locally approved academic assessment in reading, writing and math.
Auxiliary positions include custodians, food service workers, bus drivers, bus aides, police officers and maintenance workers (mechanics, electrical, painting, plumbing landscaping, etc.).  Some of these positions require a high school diploma or GED with some to include Licensure. 

Substitute Positions:

Applications for substitute teachers are accepted year round, and the daily rates are as follows:
Texas Certified Teacher Substitutes     
$105.00 per day 
Bachelors/Masters Degree Substitutes
$  85.00 per day
High School Diploma or GED
$  70.00 per day
Clerical/Teacher Aide Substitutes       
$  60.00 per day
Please note rate applies to all of the above when substituting for clerical or aide positions.