Starbase Kelly

The Starbase Kelly Program and Southwest ISD have partnered together in an effort to meet the educational needs of the students with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Together our goals are to:
  • Create an exceptional, educational, and Technological center for students and teachers.
  • Produce life-long learners who are responsible and productive citizens capable of leading America into a successful future.
  • Foster Improved self-esteem and positive attitudes.
  • Inspire students to pursue careers in Math, Science and Technology.
  • Create a partnership between the military, industry, government and education to provide a comprehensive support system for students.
  • Encourage parents to become more involved with their children’s education, provide career motivation, orientation, exploration and preparation.
For more information about the Starbase Kelly Program, contact the Student & Outreach Services department.

 Marie Cathryn Phelps
Student & Outreach Services
Ext. 3810

Phone: 210-622-4351
Monica DeLuna
Student & Outreach, Clerk
Student & Outreach Services
Ext. 3809

Fax: 210-622-9502