Our Mission 

To develop and maintain a safe, functional, efficient, and well-supported technological environment for our students and staff through our commitment to meet and exceed the instructional and business needs of the district.  


Tech Help Desk

Our Staff 

   Joe F. Martinez 
  Jeff Powell 
  Executive Director of Technical Services  Network Supervisor
  210-622-4395  • Email 210-622-4395 x4607 • Email

   Campus Technicians
   Billy Huizar Andy Pastrano
    Lead Technician • Admin Offices  Big Country  • Medio Creek • Scobee • Kriewald
    Armando Zertuche   Jim Robinson
  Southwest HS  • Career Center  Legacy HS • Resnik Middle
   Calvin Orsak   Trevor Roney
   McNair • ElmCreek • SkyHarbour • HiddenCove  Legacy HS • Resnik Middle
   Cameron Hearn  Steve Stone
   McAuliffe • SW Elementary • Indian Creek • Sun Valley Southwest HS  • Career Center
   Bob Hickman  
   Bob Hope  • Spicewood • Programming  

  Mobile Device Technicians
   Will Genz  Chris Wilson
  Lead Technician Assistant Technician
   Victor Rosas  
  Assistant Technician