About the Program


1. The District Scholarship Committee (DSC) was selected at a duly called Board meeting on October 20, 2009.  
Member make-up includes:
  • SWISD Board of Trustees
  • Community members
  • District members
  • HS Principal
  • HS Lead counselor 
  • Ex-officio members (Superintendent and Board President)
  • Guidance & Counseling Coordinator
2. The committee will elect a chairperson and secretary. This selection will take place every three years when the DSC is re-appointed or selected by Board action.

3. The DSC will convene meetings during the fall and spring semesters of the academic school year. Meetings may be called by the chairperson on an as needed basis. The DSC will discuss student scholarship. Items of discussion may include but are not limited to the structure, selection and awarding of student scholarships in the district. This committee has authority to recommend items for action to the SWISD Board of Trustees.

4. DSC membership positions are three-year intervals. Any DSC member position vacated by resignation or change in position will be filled by action from the Board of Trustees. At the conclusion of the three year term the Board will take action on naming another District Scholarship Committee.

5. The DSC Fall meetings should address but are not limited to the following:
  • Discuss/recommend any policy changes to the scholarship program.
  • Determine amount of scholarship total for the year.
  • Create scholarship application timeline with solid deadlines.
  • Agree on advertising student scholarships
  • Determine a District Scholarship Scoring Committee, DSSC, to canvas all applications.
  • Set spring meeting.
*ANNUAL REPORT: At the first fall meeting of each academic year, the DSC chairperson will provide an annual report to DSC committee members on the status of the previous years Student Scholarship Program.

6. The DSC Spring meeting, scheduled after the application deadline, should address but is not limited to the following: (1st meeting is after application deadline)
  • Determine number and amount of Category I and II scholarships.
  • Receive scores from the DSSC.
  • Determine scholarship recipients for recommendation to the Board.
  • Set fall meeting.