Eligibility & Guidelines


  • Graduating senior - Must be enrolled entire senior year.
  • Overall grade point average of 2.5 on 4.0 college scale.
  • Resident of SWISD or student of “Out of District” employee who has attended SWHS/SWLHS/CAST STEM all four years, 9th through 12th grades.
  • 95% attendance rate for the Senior year will be used and calculated by the 2nd period ADA Attendance. 

Potential applicants from both high schools must submit all information (below) for consideration by using the online application process. Students must be a current senior at SWHS/SWLHS/CAST STEM. Each applicant must provide:

1. General applicant information.

2. Short essays including the following information:
  • Describe personal achievements
  • Potential for future achievement
  • Description of positive experience at SWISD
  • Description of how this scholarship could assist you in achieving future aspirations. 
3. Contact information for two references must be identified in the online application, and a recommendation form from each of those references must be submitted online. At least one recommendation form has to be from a HS teacher. The HS staff will allocate computer use to assist all students toward completion of application. Please visit the counseling or English department for any assistance.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Attendance and GPA requirements must be met for consideration.

For rubric info, see Application Scoring Guidelines.

All application will be submitted by the designated deadline.  Once submitted the applications will be reviewed by the high school counseling staff to determine if the eligibility requirements are met.  Once those students have been identified a district committee will then review the essay portion of the application and score them.  The essay portion will then be used to rank the students from highest scores to lowest. The SW Scholarship Committee will be given this information and conduct an analysis of funds available to determine scholarship amounts and the students who will receive them. The committee will then make a recommendation to the SWISD School Board in the Spring.


Upon approval from the Board of Trustees at a scheduled Board meeting, scholarship recipients will be notified in writing of the award with accompanying procedures to facilitate the scholarship process.


The District Scholarship Committee may make recommendations to the Board for hiring annual part-time clerical support through the SWISD Student Scholarship Funds for management and compliance of the scholarship program.