2008 Bond Information

2008 - $22 Million Bond Passed
Provided additional space for exisiting high school due to growth, new elementary school, Bob Hope Additions/Renovations

Bond Project Breakdown
New Elementary School (Medio Creek Elementary) - $15.0 million

9th Grade Annex Renovation - $3.5 million

Bob Hope Additions/Renovations - $3.5 million

Bond Effect on Taxes
On February 19, 2008, the Board of Trustees approved selling bonds ONLY if Instructional Facilities Allotment money is available. If available, patrons will repay 33% of the amount borrowed and the state will pay 67% of the cost of builiding.

Tax Rate for 2008 increased about 3 cents.

Home Value/Tax Increase

$50,000/ $1.25/mo. $15/year

$100,000/ $2.50/mo. $30/year

For Senior Citizen taxpayers receiving the over-65 exemption, school taxes are frozen on the home and will not increase.