Early College High Schools

What is an Early College High School?

  • A partnership between a high school and a college.
  • A school that provides students with up to 60 college credit hours to earn an Associates Degree and can lead towards a Bachelor’s degree at no cost to the students.  Tuition, course fees, and text books are all covered for program participants.

Early College High Schools

  • Southwest Early College High School Programs Click Here
    Cybersecurity and Pre-Nursing
SWHS Cyber     PAC
  • Southwest Legacy Early College High School Programs -Click Here
    Cybersecurity and Teaching
SAC Cyber Legacy          PAC Legacy
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TEA Early College High School Required Products

“The Early College model is gaining national attention due to its success in raising high school graduation and college retention rates for students at risk of not graduating. The program provides student support systems, including tutoring, counseling, and mentoring while reducing barriers to college for students who might not otherwise achieve post-secondary success.”

-Texas Early College High School website