Title II


The purpose of Title II, Part A is to increase the academic achievement of all students by improving the quality of effectiveness for teachers and principals.

High-quality teaching and learning requires a diverse cohort of educators, including teachers, principals, and other school leaders, to be prepared and supported to meet the many challenging demands that they and their students face, particularly underserved students and students of color.  The continuum  of the educator profession and associated opportunities to support educators, from recruitment through career advancement, may be viewed broadly as five interrelated steps that build upon one another.  There are many opportunities to use Title II, Part A funds to develop new ways to support educators at various points in this continuum, as well as augment and strength existing efforts to improve individual parts and the overall system of supports.  While not exhaustive, this section highlights important opportunities to support educators, while acknowledging that Title II, Part A funds alone likely are not enough to fully address and support the entire educator career continuum.