Custodial Information

SWISD Custodians

To ensure that all buildings are safe and well-maintained, Facilities and Maintenance has been working closely with the schools and custodians. Facilities and Maintenance is now assisting schools with checking out specific pieces of machinery on a short term basis.

The following items are now available:

Burnisher, Buffer, Wet Dry Vacuum, Air Mover-Whiptail, Regular Vacuum, and Power Washer.

If you would like to check out one of the machinery items listed above, please follow the procedures as follows:

1. Call Facilities and maintenance, Thomas Gauna or John Luna, and ask for the availability.

2. Place a work order through MySchoolBuilding for the machinery, please include the date of when it is needed.

3. You will be notified by Facilities & Maintenance once the machinery is available.

4. You will need to pick the machinery up from the Facilities & Maintenance office.

5. A same checklist will be used at the time of pickup and once you return the item.

You must inspect and clean all areas of the machinery that is checked out before it is returned.

Custodial Duties

I. Burnt Light Bulbs

A. If you have replaced them and they still do not turn on, turn in a work order. Cost of lamps is the responsibility of the campus.

B. If the custodian can not reach the light fixture with a ladder, then in a work order requesting the Genie Lift.

II. Replace Ceiling Tiles

A. Replacement cost of ceiling tiles are the responsibility of the campus.

B. IF the ceiling tiles are out of reach, turn in a work order requesting the Genie Lift.

III. Plumbing

A. Overflowing or clogged commodes.

B. Replacement of batteries to Sloan toilets and sinks. Battery replacement are at the cost of the campus.

C. Should you notice a large amount of water on the outside grounds, please check to make sure that all exterior faucets are closed.

IV. Carpentry

A. Tighten up hinges to doors and cabinets.

B. Hanging of bulletin boards, pictures, frames, etc.

V. Grounds

A.. Playground mulch must be raked evenly every day.

B. Trees and scrubs watered by hand. Some areas are not watered by sprinkler systems.

VI. Miscellaneous

A. Boxed library books will be picked up by Facilities & Maintenance, but bagged books will be picked up by the Distribution Department. A work order must be turned in to Facilities & Maintenance in order for us to pick up the boxed books.

B. Empty Boxes need to be collapsed or broken apart before they are placed in the dumpster.

C. Key replacement is the responsibility of the campus, includes rekeying doors. Furnish Facilities & Maintenance with a purchase order and we will go and get the ordered keys for your campus.

Custodial Schedules, Equipment and General Information

  • Custodial staff must be on campus during all school/staff holidays that are not included in their yearly holiday allowance.
  • Custodians work schedules must coincide with Facilities & Maintenance work schedules to ensure access into each facility to complete work orders or perform contracted work.
  • Please provide your custodial staff with directions on handling emergencies during school/staff holidays. Facilities and Maintenance emergency after hours cell number is 246-4206.
  • Contact our department anytime a new custodian is hired, transferred, terminated, on extended leave, or workers compensation. If the custodian is out for any extended period of time (extended leave or workers compensation) all sets of uniforms must be turned in.
  • If a custodian has resigned or has been terminated, it is the responsibility of the principal to ensure that uniforms are turned in. The district pays 100% of the uniform rental. If the uniforms are not returned, the rental becomes a purchase. It has become very costly to the district.
  • Facilities and Maintenance has been providing training for proper custodial cleaning and proper use of their equipment, but we need your assistance to remind them that all custodial equipment must be cleaned and checked on a regular basis.
  • Please do not wait on informing us of broken equipment in need of repair, department should be notified asap.
  • Any equipment that has been abused, can not be repaired, and needs to be replaced will be purchased at the cost of the campus.