Facility Request

FS Direct is web based program that enables our District to set up all events on one calendar.  This program is available to anyone. It is another program that is available to our district, and is currently being used by Facilities & Maintenance and District Staff. There are many advantages to using this program.


All events would be able to be seen and available at your fingertips.  You will know who is at what location, along with their contact information.  If there is an emergency it is very important to have their contact information along with their Certificate of Insurance. Whether the District is having a staff development scheduled to an outside group renting our facilities. Facilities & Maintenance will be able to see all events throughout the district as well as administration.  This will facilitate scheduling HVAC that might be needed as well as the ability to schedule an extra trash pickup.  All of the extra needs can be taken care of under a single program. This program would automatically submit a work order for Facilities and Maintenance if one is needed.

Every outside group that uses our facilities provides us with their Certificate of Insurance listing our District as the certificate holder. This protects our District of any possible risk of injury while the group is using our facility. Example: PTA rents a piece of equipment, the owner of the equipment needs to provide the District with an inspection certificate as well as a certificate of insurance.  Most importantly, the owner of any equipment has to operate it. There are other areas where we need to ensure that our District is protected. The FS Direct program has check lists and has a place on its page where it asks for a current Certificate of Insurance.


Facilities and Maintenance started FS Direct in November 2009 and have collected $141,072.54. This money has been collected from outside groups who use Southwest ISD facilities.  The fees help recoup payroll, utilities, and wear and tear of our district facilities.

Each campus and/or department would be responsible for entering their schedules for all on campus activities. If an outside group wants to use a SWISD facility, they would register and create the schedule. Facilities and Maintenance oversees all areas of FS Direct, Community Use.


FS Direct is already installed and is ready to use. You can access FS Direct through SWISD website, under Quicklinks, Facilities & Maintenance website under Forms. Training can be provided by scheduling an appointment with Debra Martin or Martha Devorah in Facilities & Maintenance. If you would like a group at your location to be trained, that can be done in our office at your convenience.