Parent Liaison

A message from

District Parent Liaison,

Sona Samarron

Welcome to the District Parent Liaison Department of Southwest Independent School District.~ As District Parent Liaison my primary role is to serve as both liaison and resource to the schools, teachers, parents, community and administrators. It is my goal to provide proactive support and communication by building bridges with our families on both the Campus and District levels.

Contact Information

Here are some ways you can contact us:

Phone: 210-622-4330 ext. 4017

Fax: 210-622-4324

Human Resources Bldg. 302

11914 Dragon Lane

San Antonio, TX 78252-2647

What Does the Parent Liaison Do?


Assist the District in promoting the appropriate protocol for addressing parent concerns.


Facilitate communication between parents and teachers or parents and administrators.


Foster trust between parents and the educational community.


Maintain and respects confidentiality of student, parent and school information.


Complies and disseminates information to parents/families in order to build home/school partnerships.