SWISD School Aged Parenting Program

The SWISD School Aged Parenting Program (SAPP) is designed to provide support services to our teen parents to enable them to stay in school and graduate ready to pursue a career or higher education.  Working through a case management model SWISD SAPP provides support services which may alleviate barriers our teen parents face in obtaining their high school diploma.


 SWISD SAPP services include:

  - Assistance in accessing subsidized child care tuition.
  - Provide academic postpartum education for 6 weeks following delivery.
  - Campus Staff - i.e. school nurse, counselor, school social worker, 
    and SWISD SAPP staff.

For more information regarding the SWISD School Aged Parenting Program please contact:

Julie Slothower
Home Instruction Teacher
SWISD School Aged Parenting Program
Ext. 3814

 Marie Cathryn Phelps
Student & Outreach Services
Ext. 3810
 Monica DeLuna
Student & Outreach, Clerk
Student & Outreach Services
Ext. 3809

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